AlphaCS Reseller

We offer you the possibility to become our reseller and make money!



Why Choose AlphaCS?

Reliability & Security
Best Quality!
We accept many payment options.
We are professional group of tech guys!
24/7 Support
We can add any channel after request.

Reseller Level and Discount!

You can see the discount we offer for our resellers. We have 3 different Reseller Levels. You can get a different discount on them. Even if you are starting just now and don’t have many clients, we want you to be motivated to make money with us! Each reseller level has different discount – the more credits you buy, the bigger discount you get. Only on Reseller Level 3 you don’t get free tests for your future customers.
How to proceed
If you are interested in becoming a Reseller, contact us and we can discuss from which level you want to start. After you buy your credits, we will add them to your reseller account so you can use them whenever you need. You can create lines for 1,3,6,12 months for your customers (1 line for 1 month = 1 credit).
Reseller Level 3 Discount 10 Credits.

Reseller Level 2 Discount 30 Credits.

Reseller Level 0 Discount 50 Credits.